In order to protect the environment and ensure the necessity of sustainable tourism, we evaluate our impacts on the environment and control our negative impacts, potential hazards and wastes. We strive to minimize the use of natural resources, carbon footprint, energy consumption, air, water and soil pollution.

We try to ensure that our environmental awareness and sustainability efforts are adopted not only by our staff, but also by our guests, suppliers and authorities. We contribute to the production and development of environmental protection projects for environmental protection, reduction of carbon footprint, cleaner environment, less air pollution and healthy generations by cooperating with local governments, suppliers and non-governmental organizations.


While all our hotels in Turkey have Zero Waste certificates, Limak Lara Deluxe Resort Hotel has become the first facility in Antalya with a zero waste certificate and Limak Ambassadore Hotel has become the first boutique hotel in Ankara with a zero waste certificate within the scope of the Zero Waste Project initiated by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanisation and Climate Change.


While continuing our R&D activities rapidly, we reduce our waste by preferring recyclable, large-volume packaging and providing regular training to our personnel.


We ensure the recovery of our wastes by separating them at the source.

We recycle the vegetable and fruit wastes produced during the preparation phase as healthy, consumable, alternative food and beverages, and offer healthy foods to our valued guests in the purest, most natural form without using preservatives or additives.

By separating the waste food left on the plates of our guests, we ensure that stray animals in animal shelters are fed.

We ensure the disinfection of vegetables and fruits in the most natural way by using ozone washing system, we protect nature, environment and human health by not using chemical products.

We use the wastewater from the ozonated washing unit, which does not contain chemical products, and the rainwater we store through special filters in the watering of our landscaping areas and draw attention to the conscious use of water resources.


We reduce paper consumption by ensuring that QR code and other mobile applications are used by our guests and staff in our hotels.

We use food-grade packaging and decor materials made of recycled materials, food-safe packaging and decor materials, and paper straws, and we attach importance to recycling.


We meet the feeding, sheltering and treatment needs of stray cats in the cat houses in our hotels.

In our Limak Arcadia, Limak Limra and Limak Cyprus hotels, which meet the concept of animal-friendly hotels, you can have a pleasant holiday without being separated from your friends on holiday.

We participate in and support activities for the protection of endangered species.


In our tree planting event, which has become a tradition and is organised with the participation of our guests and personnel, we bring thousands of saplings together with the soil in the Limak Memorial Forest every year.

We present our guests with tree seeds as a gift when they finish their holidays and return home, and draw attention to the importance of tree planting.


We are aware that the available energy resources in the world are limited. We prefer the energy that is used in our hotels to be from sustainable, renewable energy sources.