Rules Of Natural Areas, Local Communities And Cultural/historical Areas

Protecting Natural Areas

In order to keep the environment clean dispose of your litter.
Do not harm trees and plants.
We must take care not to participate in activities that harm Harm animals and natural environments
Do not try to harm any wild animals.

Places of Cultural Interest

Guests should not speak loudly or use bad language.
Guests should not touch nor harm archaeological artifacts.
Guests should refrain from any other behavious which may unsettle others.

On Public Transport

Please give up your seats for old and disabled people, children and pregnant women.
Please also help disabled people to get on and off the bus if they need assistance.
Always get on using the front door and get off using the back door.
Please be ready and prepared to alight your train, bus, tram etc before you reach your intended stop.


Guests must wear appropriate and clean clothing.
Guests must not step on the carpet or rugs with dirty feet or socks.
Guests should not shout or make too much noise.