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Quality Policy


As Limak International Hotels & Resorts we do promise to our guest and guarantee our motto ‘Warm Hospitality & Excellent Service’

  • We have tried to provide and establish a management system that conforms to international standards. We have the belief that we are constantly trying to improve our guest happiness and standards of service. We give high importance to the education of our staff and the establishment of a settled work system.
  • We make new investments in line with local and national political systems. Investment takes into account the expectations of our guests, following and using new technology to develop ourselves, our experiences and our knowledge.
  • We provide a transparent management system to which all personel contribute. We have created a corporate identity based on teamwork with the aim of keeping all personnel on a long-term basis. We are constantly increasing our bed capacity. Our pioneering work gives direction to the sector and ensures that
    we are an example to other businesses. Personnel and guests are not discriminated against (language, religion, race). Everyone is treated equally.
  • We offer physically, chemically and microbiologically clean food products to ensure that our guests eat in the healthiest way possible. Raw material procurement, storage, preparation and presentation is in compliance with the published laws and regulations of our country. Our target is to constantly increase the levels of our food safety standards and to implement a constant system.
  • Our aim is to protect the environment and to ensure sustainable tourism requirements are met by taking control of our waste and by assessing our impact on the environment, adverse effects and potential hazrds. Furthermore, we strive to minimize the use of natural resources, energy consumpiton, air, water and soil pollution.
  • We aim to fulfill all the requirements regarding the published laws, regulations, legislation and regulations adhering to applicable environmental and occupational health and safety in our country. In carrying out our activities we apply all necessary measures to protect our guests and employees from any injuries and diseases that may occur.
  • Environmental awareness and social responsibilities; we also want our guests and responsible authorities to adopt these policies. We also contribute to environmental and social responsibility projects in collaboration with local governments, suppliers and NGOs.
  • We try to increase local employment, and take every necessary precaution to enrich and protect natural habitats. All our activities on behalf of the environment are shared with the public.
  • We take necessary precautions to protect children’s rights against discriminations and exploitation of children (including sexual exploitation) and we ensure that all suspicious activities related to children are reported to local authorities and related organizations