Our Energy Policy

  • We take the sustainability of service quality as a basis and use our energy resources effectively and efficiently.
  • In order to protect the environment and ensure the necessity of sustainable tourism, we identify our impacts on the environment, monitor energy consumption and carbon emissions resulting from energy consumption, and take negative impacts and potential hazards under control.
  • We strive to minimise energy consumption and we attach importance to the continuity of training to raise awareness of our employees.
  • We make efforts to ensure that our energy efficiency, environment and sustainability activities are adopted not only by our employees but also by our guests, suppliers and other stakeholders.
  • We manage the energy management system in line with the requirements of national and international legal regulations and standards.
  • We determine the objectives of the energy management system, provide the necessary resources for the realisation of these objectives, work to improve the processes by continuously reviewing them, and undertake to consider energy efficiency in procurement and design processes.